Lectures and Abstracts

The sessions selected for Excellere 2019 in London provide the latest innovations, updates and current schools of thought behind the most relevant topics affecting the orthodontics specialty every day. The sessions will also be looking forward to the future and discussing where the world of orthodontics continues to grow and involve.

Friday & Saturday Main Auditorium

Aesthetic treatment without clinical compromise
Dr. Patrice Pellerin

There has always been an interest from a portion of orthodontic patients in esthetic appliances for treatment, but the available options challenged the orthodontist with compromises in treatment approach.

Other options favouring orthodontists have meant esthetics compromises by the patient. Current external factors have increased the importance of providing treatment with esthetic appliances, including changes in insurance, socio-economic levels for patients, and competitive treatment options.

The newest technology in esthetic treatment, however, provides treatment modes with these appliances that reduce the number of compromises in treatment techniques. Now, more than ever, patients have options for esthetic treatment that allow doctors to achieve treatment goals without unwanted routes in the journey.

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Integrated treatment planning in the Digital Age​
Dr. Paolo Manzo

In the orthodontic field, presently, a full digital workflow is a need rather than a luxury, providing new levels of precision in the diagnostic process, treatment planning, digital setups and even customized appliance manufacturing.

A digital workflow can have broader significance for a practice by means of the integration of information and technology. Intraoral scans are combined with cone beam images providing insight into the relationship between crowns and roots in space, treatment analysis software can help to plan and execute interdisciplinary treatment, and virtual setups can help to plan accurate bracket placement through indirect bonding.

The digital workflow can help provide a more complete oral care solution for patients, combining the orthodontic plan with restorative/prosthetic rehabilitation. Current technology can produce a more comfortable orthodontic treatment experience for the patient and a more reliable clinical result for the orthodontist.

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Predictable Class II correction​
Dr. Lisa Alvetro

The correction of a Class II malocclusion involves treatment decisions not only for the dentition but for the maxilla and the mandible.

In this presentation, Dr. Alvetro will demonstrate a reliable treatment method to achieve optimal clinical results with minimal patient compliance. This effective technique will focus on efficiency and controlling vectors and stability of the results, including the effect of incisor position on treatment outcomes and facial esthetics.

The lecture will provide key factors to predictable results, including treatment planning and sequencing, force vectors, bracket selection and placement, as well as arch wire selection.

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Orthofacial Surgery in big discrepancies
Dr. Federico Hernández-Alfaro

When managing dentofacial deformities, both functional and aesthetic parameters must be taken into consideration.

Classically, dentoalveolar discrepancy was considered the single most important parameter when deciding dentoskeletal movements, and the angle class dictated the direction of those movements.If we accept that meeting aesthetic, occlusal and functional respiratory parameters should be our primary goal when managing dentoskeletal deformities, the previous classical concepts should probably be revised.

In our presentation we will show our strategies in planning for orthofacial surgery with a holistic approach.

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Mastering the unique challenges of adult treatment​
Dr. Adam Schulhof

Quite simply, treatment of adults is very different from treating adolescents.

From managing patient expectations to addressing clinical obstacles in treatment, for adults very often the best path is a creative one, combining different solutions into one plan. Leveraging the advantages of different systems to meet the unique challenges posed by adult malocclusions, the solution can be framed around the patient instead of around the parameters of one appliance system.

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An aesthetic evolution or revolution?
Dr. John Scholey

This lecture will cover the development of 3Ms landmark Clarity aesthetic appliances up to Clarity Ultra, the newest generation that combines ceramic appliances with self-ligating mechanics. But is it the next best thing and worth the hype? or is it design over function?

This lecture will look at early experiences with the use of the bracket from an experienced clinician’s perspective following treated cases visit by visit and asking the question ‘Does it perform on routine cases?’ He will provide hints and tips to maximise efficient treatment progress in a busy orthodontic office.

John is known for his clinical excellence and honest appraisal of orthodontic products and has lectured worldwide on adult treatment, aesthetics appliances and self-ligation so his review of Clarity Ultra will combine these valuable experiences to maximise the use of a contemporary aesthetic orthodontic appliance.

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Mind the gap: Restoration in orthodontic treatment​
Dr. Paulo Monteiro

Orthodontics and Restorative Dentistry are closely linked and complementary areas.

After finishing a orthodontic treatment it is sometimes necessary to perform some restorative procedures to improve and optimize the aesthetic results, such as diastema closure, peg lateral teeth, shape changes, closure of black triangles, etc.

With the current adhesive materials and techniques it is possible to perform these procedures in a predictable and easy way, which the procedures can be performed by the orthodontists themselves.

This lecture will address the different techniques and restorative materials available today and the clinical step-by-step, in a way that the clinician can solve the daily cases in a simple way.

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Orthodontics & Generational Psychology​
Dr. Simon Littlewood

Successful orthodontic treatment is related to our ability to motivate our patients and reach their expectations. There is a growing understanding that motivations and expectations differ substantially between different generations.

The primary objective of this lecture will be to appreciate the importance of a better understanding of generational differences in our patients and fellow staff members. The lecture will explore how different generations of both our patients and staff have different ambitions, aims and approaches to life, and understanding these generation gaps may help us to provide more predictable and successful treatment, and run a happier and more successful team.

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The power of Relationship Marketing​
Dr. Richard Jones

Today there are almost unprecedented challenges for orthodontists and their teams in terms of developing their practices. We live in uncertain political and economic times with changing consumer behaviours and increased competition.

Is there a winning formula for developing private practice? This presentation seeks to identify the key drivers for successful private practice. Is there a way of attracting higher volumes of quality referrals or recommendations and maximising treatment uptake?

Key to achieving this is understanding the needs of our key customer groups including parents, parents and referring dentists. By understanding these needs and building on these relationships through the principles of “Relationship Marketing” a thriving private practice can be built and this presentation will provide delegates with the skills to achieve this.

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Saturday Parallel Sessions

A New Look at Lingual Orthodontics

Incognito™ in the early teens: a feasible solution for our younger patients?
Dr Roberto Stradi – Session Chair

Historically, we have reserved Lingual Orthodontics just to adult patients demanding high-level aesthetic solutions.

In the last decade things have drastically changed in our field, so today, with Incognito™ Lingual System, we have the great chance to treat also very young kids, early in their teens, with a fully digital and customised hidden appliance. There is space for a different perspective: not merely aesthetics, but also precision and predictability.

With digital capability and full 3D control, clinicians will see the reasons to choose such a system in order to get brilliant orthodontic outcomes. In my lecture I will share tips and tricks used with young adolescents, showing the main features of the biomechanics in these types of cases.

Let’s think out of the box!

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Opening and closing spaces with Incognito; practical advice​
Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos

Opening and closing spaces following loss of teeth or in hypodontia cases can present orthodontists with challenges in both lingual and labial techniques. This lecture provides practical advice for efficient and controlled tooth movement.

Lingual appliances in orthodontics – A useful aid for all of us
Dr Philipp Al-Khatib

The claims and expectations of modern orthodontists (and their patients) have become higher and higher, especially over the last few years.

In our office we have worked with different lingual systems and have come to the conclusion that the lingual appliance from 3M is currently the most effective one. This is a fully-individualized, full-digital workflow, set-up based and (nearly) invisible system, which nevertheless requires a thorough understanding of the system and a basic knowledge of the biomechanics of orthodontics. All different types of malocclusions, small/ complex, surgical/ non-surgical, with/ without skeletal anchorage at any age can be treated lingual as well. This lecture will demonstrate some interesting clinical cases that give an impression of the proper realization of treatment goals and optimal results in some of our 3M-lingual treatments. Let’s compare and benefit together from our lingual experiences.

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The combo-treatments with the Incognito™ Appliance System
Dr Aurélie Guidoux

Getting started with lingual techniques is always a big challenge when you are used to working with traditional labial techniques.

This presentation will demonstrate:

  • how to combine the Incognito Appliance System with accessories or labial appliance systems to provide the best orthodontic treatment results.
  • how to work as easily with lingual techniques as with conventional braces.
  • how to manage the comfort of both the patient and the orthodontist.

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Building Private Opportunities in a changing orthodontic Market
Dr Peter Ilori

Increased competition and changes in NHS contracts have exposed the vulnerabilities of most existing or potential UK practice owners.  Dr Peter Ilori, elucidates the core business principles, skills, time-lines and actions required for your survival and ultimate success!


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