Together let’s elevate … rise up … surpass.

The orthodontic business and treatment models are changing. Patients have more choices and consumerism is impacting how they make purchase decisions.

At the same time, emerging technology is enabling new efficiencies and greater predictability in the practice of orthodontics.

In the midst of this change, your end goal remains the same for your patients — a beautiful smile and healthy teeth that will last a lifetime.

“Excellere” is the latin root for actions such as “to rise up,” “to elevate,” or “to surpass,” and it captures the spirit of 3M Oral Care’s commitment to helping you grow, improve outcomes, and elevate the practice of orthodontics.

Please join us for the Excellere London 2019, where attendees will learn from fellow Orthodontists and industry experts in how to turn change into a competitive advantage and excel in this evolving industry.

Sessions will focus on the latest technologies and market trends including:

Accelerating growth with advancements in aesthetic treatment
Planning facial aesthetics and healthy occlusions
Complex treatments and effective treatment management
Taking advantage of digital workflows
Managing your NHS contracts and accelerating private treatments
New concepts to differentiate your practice

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Records Will Be
Broken. Join Us!

On the first day (17 May) of 3M Excellere 2019, at 10.30am 3M and our delegates will be attempting to break a Guinness World Record.

The symbol of our two day meeting is the paper airplane, which to us encapsulates our meeting concept ‘Excellere’ - which is the latin root of action words such as “to rise up”, “to surpass”, “to excel”.

We are keen to start our two days on a real high and what better way to do it than breaking a world record for the world’s longest paper airplane chain. Which currently stands at 7436 planes in a chain set in 2016 at İstanbul Reckitt Benckiser.

We invite all our delegates to arrive a little earlier than the scheduled scientific agenda to help us.

All participates, providing we are successful, will receive their very own Guinness World Record Certificate and Medallion, and the achievement will be recorded in the 2020 Edition of the Guinness World Records Book.


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